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April 15, 2005



Just wanted to say I miss you very much and can't wait for your return! Take care! Love you!


I can send you more beanie babies. Is your mom still handling that or can I send them directly to you?


The children in the pictures are so precious! They look so excited to see you guys and the goodies. Keep up the good work over there! I am so proud of you and your fellow soldiers who are giving up so much but also giving back so much to the kids.
I love you Shawn!!


great pictures and glad to know those little items we have been giving are making it into the hands they are intended for. i was curious to not see any little girls, i'm glad you were able to get items to them as well.

Janet Richardson

There is a little girl called Molly on Cape Cod who is really pleased to see the blue dog she collected is being held by one of the Baghdad children in the photos.She collected 300 beanies.Isnt that great?
Love you


I remember the little boy with the black shirt got that blue dog. Strange what you remember when you are giving things out and trying to scan rooftops for the enemy. I just wanted to remind everyone that I am not in Baghdad. We are about 90 miles North of the capital. This is in a small town outside of the larger city Tuz. Thanks again for sending stuft animals!


These are not the kinds of images I am accustomed to seeing. I thank God for your faith, and I am grateful for your service to our country. May the peace of Christ be with you, evin amid conflict.

Lauren Coakley

I just dropped off a donation of beanies to a local organization. Thank you for all that you are doing for us! You are a real life hero!


Just so glad to see someone who loves kids over there giving to them. I so wish I could help - just to pick them up and love them for even a minute. I am so proud of you and all you and your fellow soldiers are doing. Be safe!

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